How We Manage Client Portfolios


  • Our portfolios are based on the renowned market analysis from Asbury Research. Our highly experienced portfolio team begins by identifying the market trend for the decade, the year, the month and the week.

  • Using a combination of the Asbury Research outlook, as well as current market conditions, we identify the market condition as long, medium and short term bullish or bearish.

  • In long and medium term- bullish markets, we buy mostly individual stocks that we have identified as good risk / reward setups. Each individual stock is bought at no more than 7% of the portfolio to maintain diversification.

  • In sideways or potentially declining markets, we avoid individual stocks and instead focus on broad based exchange traded funds with lower volatility than individual stocks.

  • In medium- term declining markets, we look to protect client assets and move 30%-60% of the portfolio to cash while looking for market stability and price areas that may be good areas to reinvest.

  • In long- term declining markets we look to move the entire portfolio to cash and find positions that may offer returns such as bonds or other safety related investments.



Our overall philosophy is to stay invested when markets offer opportunities and sit out and wait while corrections occur.